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Year Up is a one-year, intensive training program that provides talented and motivated, yet under-served young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skills development, coursework eligible for college credit, corporate internships, and wraparound support. Our [Year Up] program emphasizes academic and professional rigor, setting expectations high for quality of work and professional behavior. A strong structure guides students through the steps necessary for achieving success in the classroom and the workplace. Our [Year Up] approach focuses on students’ professional and personal development to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency. For the first six months of the program,

Tropic Biosciences Weighs in on the Race to Save the Banana

A deadly fungus threatens the planet’s fourth most important crop with extinction, but a UK start-up thinks it may have the solution When it comes to tropical fruits, Norwich probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind. But here, in a drab research park at the edge of the East Anglian city, a team of banana experts led by a former Israeli naval commander is working feverishly to save the fruit from extinction. “Bananas are the fourth most important food crop globally, it’s the most consumed and produced food,” says Gilad Gershon, chief executive of Tropic Biosciences. The start-up, which moved to Norwich in 2016, consists of a team of almost 50 scientists and researchers working on e

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